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peace chapel

Entrance to the Peace Chapel at Unity Village, home of the Unity Movement

For more than a century, Unity has served the world with prayer, publications, and community gatherings. Today, many resources are available online to support you in your spiritual journey. We invite you to explore the following resources and use what best serves you in your own, unique path to wholeness and joy.

A positive, inspiring daily devotional, published bimonthly in print, available 24/7 online at

A wide variety of programs hosted by Unity ministers and leaders around the world. Visit any time for enlightening and entertaining online radio.

Unity’s spiritpath retreats unfold on the beautiful and sacred grounds at Unity Village, Missouri.

Learn more about the worldwide movement that is changing lives and communities. Visit

To read frequently asked questions about the Unity Movement, click here.

The Silent Unity prayer ministry was the founding work of Unity. It originated in the heart of co-founder Myrtle Fillmore, who, through her own spiritual awakening, was healed and began to share her ideas and consciousness with others. Visit Silent Unity to learn more and/or to place a prayer request online.

The directory maintained by Unity Worldwide Ministries can help you locate another Unity church or alternative ministry.

The Unity wings symbol appears in many Unity publications and is prominently displayed in many Unity churches all over the world. Its origins are so ancient they are lost in the mist of pre-history.


Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore adopted this artistic creation as a Spiritual symbol as early as 1891 in the first issue of Unity Magazine. In the April 1923 issue Charles gave this explanation of the Unity wings:

“The winged globe or sun disc… represents the relation existing between Spirit, soul and body. Soul (the wings) gives wings to the body (the disc). Spirit is the (invisible) enveloping Principle, like the atmosphere in which both soul and body exist, and from which they draw their original inspiration.”

Mr. Fillmore taught as we build and spread our wings of spiritual awareness, both our soul and body will be lifted up on the invisible wind of Spirit to the fourth dimension which Jesus called the kingdom of heaven. It is the freedom to which we all aspire and sing about in the Unity song, “I AM free, I AM unlimited; there are no chains that bind me!”

~ First Unity Church Newsletter, February and March, 2001; Page 9.

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