Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling?

The intention of spiritual counseling is to help the individual discover the spiritual resources within him or herself that enable finding effective solutions to life’s challenges. The ultimate purpose of spiritual counseling is to discern the Presence of God in the midst of any situation. Spiritual counseling is available to anyone sincerely seeking such help. Attendance at church services and classes is always highly recommended.

All counseling sessions are scheduled to last 45 minutes. We generally limit the spiritual counseling relationship to no more than three visits within any six-month period.

Spiritual Counseling is not…

Our Licensed Unity Teachers are trained spiritual counselors, but they are not trained to function as a psychotherapist. A list of local therapists is available upon request.

How Much Does It Cost?

All counseling is performed on a freewill love offering basis. We do suggest each person offer a love offering of $50 or greater. Please make your payment directly to the prayer counselor at the conclusion of the appointment.

Will Someone Pray with Me?

Prayer is a significant focus of the experience you may have in a spiritual counseling encounter. We believe prayer reveals the highest ways of love, wisdom, and power, and we trust and honor the Spirit of God within each person.

Who Else May Pray with Me after a Session?

We have many fine chaplains in our chaplaincy program. Should you desire further prayer, please visit with a chaplain at the conclusion of any worship service, email us office@unityofnashville.org or request a chaplain through the church office 615.333.1323.

Confidentiality Policy

As a member of the Association of Unity Churches, Unity of Nashville adheres to a policy of complete confidentiality with regard to spiritual counseling. Possible exceptions to this may arise if we see the potential for suicide, homicide, child or elder abuse. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please discuss it with the counselor at the start of the session.