What are christening like at Unity of Nashville?

A Christening is both a ceremony and a ritual.  It is a ceremony in which family and friends gather to celebrate the birth of a child.  It is a spiritual event in the life of the family and in the family’s church home.

Unity does not believe that a child is born in sin and somehow a baptism is necessary to wash away sins inherent in a child. Our belief is we are born as whole and perfect expressions of God’s Life.

The Christening is a symbolic act of welcoming and naming a child into a community.  It is an opportunity for those present at the christening to “behold the Christ” within this baby. 

Instead of water,  we typically use rose petals to represent purity.  The Christening is a dedication and a commitment of the family and all those gathered to claim collective responsibility for the raising of the child in a life-affirming and uplifting manner.

If you are seeking an Infant Christening, keep in mind that an Honorarium of $150.00 is customary, because we seek to create a personable and meaningful experience for your friends and family. Christenings are only offered to our members and regular attendees. Contact us to schedule a date.