Sundays at Unity

Contemplative Meditation at 9:30AM

Experience the beauty of silence, oneness and inner peace on Sunday mornings. Take fifteen minutes to escape from the stresses of the week. Center yourself in the presence of love, joy and abundance. Allow the music to stir your soul. Meditate to heal your heart. Listen to the words of inspiration to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you to infinite possibilities. Come & be renewed by the Infinite Spirit of Life — God.

Celebration Service at 10:00AM

Celebrate Spirit in an inclusive and loving environment. Sing joyously as you are inspired by the music presented by our soloists, instrumentalists, and special guests. Experience unconditional love, non-resistance, non-attachment and trust in Spirit in a 60-minute worship session, allowing Spirit to flow through you and show you the Way into unlimited possibilities to LIVE LIFE FULLY! Come and feel the joy of Spirit moving and flowing through you.

You can hear free podcasts of Sunday messages.

We are fully equipped for those with disabilities.  All bathrooms and rooms are accessible. Childcare begins at 9:00 am. Find out more if you are a first time visitor.